Hybrid events: The best of both worlds

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many meeting planners are having to choose between postponing events or quickly pivoting to an online format. As we all adapt to the new norm, events as we know them will never be the same. And that’s a good thing!

Hybrid events, where participants attend in-person and/or participate online, can offer the best of both worlds, if done properly and safely. Digital meeting platforms can’t replace the power of face-to-face networking, but do offer a vast array of interactive capabilities that can enhance a participant’s event experience.

While this sounds great conceptually, it’s important that your chosen venue offer the infrastructure and technology to maximize a hybrid event experience. In addition to finding that perfect venue that has appropriate safety measures in place, we can help you avoid surprise expenses and lock in associated costs prior to signing a hotel contract.

We’ve done the research on the best venues for hybrid events.

When it comes to finding the ideal venue for a hybrid event, let my team at Meeting Your Needs do the leg work for you — at zero cost to you! We make it our business to know which venues are well poised to combine a safe in-person with a quality digital experience.

COVID-19: It’s a meeting planner’s market

This year, most companies and associations have postponed or canceled their group meetings and conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these same companies are in a holding pattern, waiting for the crisis to pass and to see how their market rebounds.

Meanwhile, hotels, conference and convention centers sit empty, idle. What does this mean for you as a conference planner? The market is yours! Never has the hospitality industry had so much availability and been so open to highly negotiable contracts, minimums and comp space.

Get more value for your planning dollar, now

Leverage the industry’s slowdown and book your future event at a time when venues are at their hungriest. At Meeting Your Needs, our team has the ins and outs on the COVID-compliant locations and venues that will ensure a safe and successful event. We can also assist with on-site inspections and contract negotiations, ensuring you get the most value for your planning dollar.

Let us do the leg work, at no cost to you

Mitigating risk is a hot topic these days. When working with Meeting Your Needs, there is zero risk or cost to you. Our objective is to match you with the venue that best meets your timing, space, rooms, location, and safety needs. Let us be your hotel search, site inspection resource and tough contract negotiator.