Workations, staycations!

Most of the larger hotels and resorts have reopened. With well-established safety and social distancing protocols in place, hotels are eager to host groups to raise their occupancy levels. But with travel and gathering restrictions still an issue in numerous cities, many groups are not able to host events as they have in past years. What is a meeting planner to do?

For those who want to meet, network with customers and recognize top performers and suppliers, some of our clients choose to host local, drive-to meetings and smaller incentive events — like golf groups, fishing excursions and hunting getaways held outdoors. These more intimate gatherings enable companies to continue fulfilling key business initiatives while offering enhanced networking opportunities with key colleagues and business decision-makers. For a meeting planner, though, the workload exponentially increases with every segmented event.

On a more personal level, families and friends are also shifting their distance travel plans and opting for small group staycations at nearby hotels and resorts. Hotel sales teams are happy to work with these small groups as well by offering competitive group rates that benefit all involved. In many cases, hotels are also willing to waive or reduce past performance requirements in the hopes of securing base business in the future. In these cases, it’s important to know what to ask for.

Workations and staycations also offer an opportunity for planners to reallocate dollars spent on typical travel expenses, such as plane tickets, to activities that enhance an overall event. Small groups may take advantage of discounted group rates offered by local businesses. Planners may want to incorporate more fun activities, excursions, shopping and dining opportunities, which also support the local economy. Again, this means an increase in workload.

Let us help you plan your next workation or staycation — at no cost to you.

We have extensive experience helping families, friends, coworkers, franchisees and sponsors find their perfect venue and event amenities at the best possible rates. We can help you too. We’ll make certain your terms are attractive and that you avoid guaranteeing anything you should not commit to. Best part, we advocate for you at no cost to you! What have you got to lose, besides workload and stress?